Product Care Guide

Cushion Cleaning Guide:

Our cushions' unique construction means that the covers are not removable.

Here are our recommended methods for cleaning:


Spot cleaning with cool/warm water and some diluted mild detergent on a soft cloth or sponge is recommended for our cotton/natural fiber-based products. Do not use any bleach products as this may cause color loss on fabric.

Leave products to dry naturally, do not put the product in the dryer.

We do not advise fully submerging any of our cotton/natural fiber-based products in water - either hand washing or machine washing as this may cause color bleeding.

Please be advised that products that combine dark and light colors in cotton/natural materials may be subject to some color migration/bleeding if the products become too wet/saturated, either through use or cleaning.     

Products that include indigo denim may also transfer color to light surfaces through abrasion over time, similar to a new pair of denim jeans...


Since WANDERER is built from CORDURA ®️ Nylon, they will naturally be much more stain resistant than our cotton/natural fiber-based products. Surface dirt can be brushed off, rinsed with cool/warm water or lightly scrubbed with a soft brush as needed. Do not use any bleach products as this may cause color loss on the fabric. If your products becomes wet from washing, or through outdoor use, hang or lay flat to dry, do not put product in a dryer as this may damage the fabric.   

Product Repairs:

Our cushions are made using durable and quality materials, but sometimes stuff just happens despite the care and attention we build our goods with...

If your product develops a fault from defective materials or construction please get in touch and include photos. We will do our best to help you get it back in action.

Please note that we do not consider the natural settling of our filling materials or staining through product use or cleaning/washing to be a 'fault' or 'material defect'.

If you have any questions prior or post purchase, please get in touch and we'll do our best to help!