Peace Cabin began while searching for cushions that could function outdoors, but looked like something we'd want to use inside our home too.

When we couldn’t find anything that we loved, we decided to create our own. THE journey began from there, sewing prototypes on a family hand-me-down sewing machine, and then testing them as we went out on trips and in our home.

over time, we found that the cushions were more than just something to sit on - they were creating a stronger connection between our outdoor and indoor lives. we loved how that felt and thought maybe others would value that feeling too...

Build the comfiest cushions around + design them to adapt to the many environments you live your life in.

create cushions that can connect your outdoor and indoor lives. a platform for peace that can carry the energy of time spent with nature into your interior spaces + bring the comforts of home to your outside adventures.

make products that endure beyond the latest trends + create pieces we hope you'll love and use for a long time.

One of our founding principles is to develop products that are multi-functional. The goal being that they function in many different situations, resulting in the need to own less things. We are also committed to using materials that balance functionality, longevity & environmental impact. our decision making process is partly informed by what makes sense for the product end use.

We believe in transparency too, no vague product material descriptions or missing information. Every component is clearly listed, often with insight on why we chose to use it in the product.

so what's in our cushions?

NO NASTY SYNTHETIC FILLINGS HERE... from the start, We made a commitment to use sustainable, biodegradable & recycled filling materials in our cushions: KAPOK, RAW COTTON, ORGANIC LATEX FOAM & RECYCLED SHODDY FELT.

it's a choice that comes at a premium, but these materials have less environmental impact and they make for a noticeably more supportive & comfy cushion.

Better for the planet + better for butts!


For our Wanderer Outdoor cushions (and the base of Froebel & Ennis), We chose CORDURA ™️ Nylon, providing you with a durable, water resistant barrier so you stay super comfy and can focus more on enjoying your surroundings.

this choice is also about believing we have a responsibility to build things that will last. sometimes that means striking a balance between the impact of a material & the overall longevity of the product. Considered design with transparency, just like we promise.

with our shared backgrounds in menswear & denim design, our cushions are a reflection of our creative journeys. Their unique fabric combinations and color draw inspiration from many things we love. fashion, personal style, sneakers, vintage outdoor gear and interiors being just a few of the references in our products.



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