Wingspread Patchwork Checkerboard

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Wingspread is a super versatile cushion! Add comfort to your favorite chair or stool, use them as guest floor cushions, for meditation or as throw pillows for wherever you want. Small enough to throw in your bag - they're perfect for picnics or a road trip nap.

Delivery timeline:

Currently we build our product to order, allowing us to manufacture with less waste and more efficiency. On average we ship one week from receipt of order. 

Outer Materials:

100% cotton corduroy / Kuroki Mills indigo Japanese denim / block printed cotton.

Nylon cord and natural leather trim.


Raw cotton batting & natural latex foam.

Size: 15” x 5”

Care: See our suggestions for product care in the FAQ’s section. Please note that indigo denim cushions can sometimes transfer dye stuff to light colored surfaces by nature of the technique.


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