Product Care Guide

Cushion Cleaning Guide:

Our cushions unique construction means that the covers are not removable. Therefore we recommend spot cleaning or hand washing if necessary.

ENNIS cushions can be machine washed - we reccomend setting your machine to a short low temp cycle. We also suggest washing the product on its own. Line dry or flat dry after washing. Please do not tumble dry. Place the cushion top side down so the waterproof Cordura base does not catch the moisture inside. When ENNIS is fully dry, they can be fluffed up like a regular pillow if needed and should be ready to go!

Our WINGSPREAD and FROEBEL cushions should be spot cleaned or hand washed if neccesary.

We also remind customers that any products that include indigo denim can transfer color to light surfaces through abrasion over time. Just like a new pair of denim jeans...