'SITTING WITH' : Lulu Li + Hans Yunez - Akron Street

'SITTING WITH' : Lulu Li + Hans Yunez - Akron Street

Welcome to our first edition of 'Sitting With', a new journal where we'll share stories, updates and insights from the Peace Cabin community.

To kick things off, we're stoked to share some questions and insights from Lulu Li & Hans Yunez, co-founders of Akron Street, plus a little bit about how we first connected and went on to collaborate on the 'Silia' cushionSince it was cushions that brought our worlds together in the first place, we also wanted to know how they use their Peace Cabin Froebel cushion as part of their daily rituals at home in Brooklyn.

Enjoy and thanks Hans & Lulu for taking the time to share some insights on your work and lives!

Daniel + Angela

We were initially introduced to Lulu and Hans by Parker Fitzgerald and Austin Rossborough at Ransom Ltd in Portland Oregon, having previously collaborated with Austin to celebrate the launch of our Wanderer Outdoor cushion, telling that products story through a series of Austin's incredible hand done artworks.

Shortly after making official introductions, Hans and Lulu made the drive down to the greater Philadelphia area to visit us in our studio and share ideas for a custom chair pad to complement the launch of their new 'Silia' dining chair.
Making the roadtrip down to visit us was perhaps further motivated by us being located only about 20 minutes from the Wharton Esherick studios, which they had been wanting to visit - if you haven't been, you really should...

Having designed the new oak chair in conjunction with Eric Nakassa, they asked us to create a seat cushion to add comfort to the chair, but with a lower profile than our existing floor cushions. To achieve this, and still meet our brands ethos of natural or recycled filling materials, we used layers of raw cotton and shoddy felt to give both structure and comfort. 

 PC: Who are you & where do you call home?

AS: Hi, we’re Hans and Lulu. We run a furniture brand and design studio in Brooklyn, New York.

PC: What inspired you to start Akron Street and how has it evolved?

AS: We first started thinking about the objects that make a home when we moved into our first apartment together (now over a decade ago). Our thoughts have continued to evolve as life has led us through new cities, new apartments, and new stages of life. Akron Street is a reflection of these experiences.

PC: Can you share something that has inspired you in some way lately?

AS: Recently, we’ve been watching a photography course by Nat Geo photographer Joel Sartore, on capturing everyday moments. Hans has been collecting cameras for a long time, and with a new baby, we have a new reason to put them to use on a family photo project.

PC: What have you chosen to share that you are ‘Sitting With' and why is it important to you?

AS: We recently welcomed a new baby and have been spending most of our time at home. In between the moments of taking care of a newborn, we’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of family. It has been a meaningful period of being together, filled with sincere conversations and thoughts about the future.


PC: Which PC cushion do you have and where/how do you use it?

AS: In our work with designing furniture, we’ve often thought about the idea of affordance—of objects and environments that supports one’s uses whether by intention or not. For instance, a floor cushion placed on a bench becomes just the right height for our daughter to sit at the dining table to eat and play. We love finding new ways that our Peace Cabin cushion affords different uses in our home.


PC: Lastly, any local up-and-coming brands or businesses that you’d like to share with folks who may not know about them yet?

AS: If you’re into co-op video games to play with your spouse, we've been having a lot of fun with Vampire Survivors. It’s the best $4.99 we’ve spent in ages.

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