Denim Stripe Wingspread - Natural/Indigo

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Wingspread is super versatile - use them as seat cushions or as throw pillows. Small enough to throw in your bag when you're headed to a picnic, the beach or have on hand for taking a mindful moment. Wingspread's shape is Japanese inspired, but we  upgraded ours with rugged materials that make it ready to go wherever you can think to take it. 


We use only natural, biodegradable, non toxic materials to fill our cushions - kapok, latex foam and raw cotton. 

Outer Materials:

Japanese 10oz striped indigo Japanese denim.

Nylon cord and natural leather trim.


Size: 15” x 5”

Delivery timeline:

Currently we build our product to order, allowing us to manufacture with less waste and more efficiency. On average we ship one week from receipt of order. 

Care: This color/version of Wingspread is machine washable! Cool temp wash and line/flat dry please. Please note that indigo denim cushions can sometimes transfer dye stuff to light colored surfaces by nature of the technique. 

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