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Wait - what is this new edition to the line up?! What we have here is our popular Froebel cushion, but we added the handle from Ennis, and you know what? We love it.

So if you are all in on the portable cushion concept (obviously we are) but maybe wanted something a bit more compact, then this might be the one for you... 

Great for extra comfort on less than comfy chairs, benches, great on a smaller coolers.  Take it to the game, camping, outdoor show, picnic, extra guest seating... Do you need us to keep going?

Froebel is filled with natural, biodegradable, non toxic materials - in this case a combination of kapok & latex foam. We never use polyfill in our products because that stuff will be left on the planet way longer than we all will.

It's rugged base is made from CORDURA ®️ 1000D nylon, giving protection from rough surfaces, as well as creating a moisture barrier against damp ground. Choosing to use this durable material also means it’s something you’ll hopefully own and use for a long time. Less stuff in landfills - that's the goal right?

Delivery timeline:

Currently we build our product to order, allowing us to manufacture with less waste and more efficiency. On average we ship one week from receipt of order.

Outer Materials:

10 oz cotton duck canvas / Cotton Ripstop

CORDURA ®️ 1000D Nylon Base.

Nylon cord and natural leather trim.


Kapok fibers & natural latex foam

Size: 15” x 15” x 4”


Unless it really needs a heavy wash, hand washing or spot cleaning should work great for this item, but it can go in the washing machine - low temperature please and then line or flat dry - dryer not reccomended.

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